7 Tips to Find the Best Airline Deals

Looking for the best airline deals and how to find them? Cheap flights can be found by being flexible, booking early or late, as well as doing your research. These are 7 tips to help find the best prices on airfare. You can get the best guide on https://www.dotrey.com/.

1. Airfare prices depend on the supply and need. Flights that are in high demand will be expensive. When there’s not a lot of demand for airfares, you might find some good deals. Fly mid-week, take red-eye flight, and fly in the middle or late of the day. Avoid traveling on Friday evenings or Monday mornings for business travellers. If you can, avoid holidays altogether and stay with the off-season.

2. Call the airline you would like to fly with. You may find a lower price if you book directly through an airline than what you see on the airfare deals websites. They have to pay a fee every time someone books a flight through a third-party website. Airlines will share the savings with you if you book directly. Contact the airlines directly to save up 5 to 15% on airfare deals sites.

3. Accept multiple layovers when you fly. Travelers who are business-related and those who frequent travel often prefer to arrive as quickly as possible. By choosing low-demand, affordable seats you can save significant money. Take plenty of snacks and magazines with you to keep entertained.

4. Seek out airfares from other airports within easy driving distance from your home. Sometimes, flying to a smaller and less-famous airport can help you save money. For example, it is less expensive to fly from Newark Airport to New York than any other airport.

5. Look at the prices of discounted airlines. Discount airlines are growing in popularity. However, not all of these airlines have fares listed on the large airfare aggregator websites. Southwest Air, Jet Blue, Spirit, and Spirit are just a few of the discount airlines available in the US. Spirit often offers low-cost fares starting at $9 per way.

6. Book early. Every minute, over 2 million flights get bought. During peak season, more that 50,000 flights per second are purchased. You should not delay buying a good deal. You might lose the deal, and pay more in the end. Book at least one month ahead if you’re traveling domestically. For international travel, plan at least three to 6 months ahead.

7. Experiment with different travel dates. It is possible to save substantial money by moving your travel dates a few more days or even a full week. You will find the best deals on flights departing on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

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