Carpet Catastrophes, tackling the top 5 toughest stains

Ah, carpets! They can transform the look of a room my link, from “meh” into “marvelous”, but they are also notorious for catching every drop and spill. The carpets in our homes take a lot of abuse, whether it’s from kids’ arts and crafts or a clumsy wine glass. Professional cleaning, such as carpet cleaning in st.ives, can do wonders. But what if you want a quick fix at home? Here are the top five carpet adversaries, and how to send them on their way!

1. Red Wine
Ah, the classic party foul. If you’ve spilled wine, it could be:

Blot immediately using a white towel, absorbing as much moisture as possible.
Sprinkle salt over the stain. You can use salt to absorb wine.
After letting the mixture sit, vacuum out all of the salt.
If you still see traces, dab a mixture made of water, dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.

2. Coffee:
Mornings, right? You can use this to clean up coffee spills.

Do not rub the liquid. Instead, gently blot it.
Pour the stain: Mix white vinegar and water with a non-bleach cleaning agent.
After cleaning, rinse with ice cold water.

3. Ink:
This is the moment you dread when a pen leaks, or a project goes wrong!

Wipe the stain down with isopropyl Alcohol using a cloth.
Make sure you blot towards the inside to stop the stain from spreading.
Rinse again with water.

4. Pet Accidents:
Occasionally, our furry family members leave behind unwanted surprises.

The initial mess should be cleaned up.
Use a combination of white vinegar with water to remove the stain.
Spread baking soda over vinegar solution. Let the vinegar solution sit and then vacuum it.
For persistent odours, consider a pet odour neutralizer.

5. Chocolate:
Sweet for the palate but not as sweet on carpet!

Remove as many chocolates as you possibly can.
Add a few droplets of dish soap into cold water.
Use a clean cloth to dab on the stain and then rinse with cold, running water.
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