Flags: Why Buy? Why people buy flags

Wondering why people buy flags. Flags can be great gifts, especially if you have a special connection to that country or region. A flag can often be purchased as a gift to express solidarity with someone who lives in that region or bring comfort and pride to someone away from home. While this is a great use for a flag, flags also have deeper meanings. Come and visit our website search it on https://atlanticflagpole.com/ you can learn more.

Flags help to define our group identities. They have been around as long humans have been gathering in groups. Every culture on the planet has its own flags. Even primitive tribes have equivalent flags. Flags help identify yourself and others. Flags allow you to see who is your friend and foe, and they act as a proclamation or declaration of belief or loyalty.

Every flag, regardless of whether it’s a State flag, a country flag or a high school flag, has an identifiable group that feels it represents them. Even flags like smile face and pirate flags communicate with their constituents. Flags can reveal a lot about a person’s personality. A boat owner with a U.S. Navy, POW and flag is different than the yachtsman with his pirate flag flying from his wheelhouse.

A flag’s choice is not just about its attitude. It can also reflect real emotions. Ask a Texan what the “Lone Star”, on his flag is, and get into a heated argument about the Confederate Battle Flag. Flags are large, beautiful, and a part of our identity.

Flags have been the focal point of some of history’s most poignant moments. The flags were used in historic moments such as the first planting the USA flag on the Moon, the raising of Iwo Jima’s flag or the flag that survived and was flown around the country following the 9/11 attacks. Many considered it a spiritual experience.

People who are upset take to the streets and shout, chanting, and wave flags. A flag instantly identifies an individual group where slogans and other chants need to be heard. A new flag will be chosen if a flag feels like it is being taken away or no longer represents the group.

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