Moldavite Gemstone Jewelry

Moldavite has a place in the top ten. Moldavite is an extraordinary gemstone. It is unique in that it was formed by the impact from a powerful meteorite storm between 15 to 20 million years ago. Moldavite has been the only known “real moldavite gem-quality” gemstone of extraterrestrial origin.

The immense heat and pressure from the impact caused the meteorite materials to fuse and then they were catapulted into the Earth’s atmospheric. When the meteorites were falling toward Earth, they started to break apart and scatter hundreds of km within the Moldau River Valley. The Moldau River Valley is north of Prague in Czechoslovakia. Moldavite was formed by the unique friction between atmosphere and cooling magma.

Moldavite has been scientifically classified a member of Tektite. The Greek word tekto which means “molten”, is what gives rise to the name Tektite. It is a type of natural, transparent glass created by the high pressure and temperature at which meteorites impact the earth. The only place where Tektites can be found on Earth is in a narrow strip along the Equator measuring approximately 80 degrees.

Tektites have a textured surface that appears black at first glance. If held up to strong light, translucent areas and golden tints can often be seen near the edges.

In Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, Tektites are found. Moldavite can only be found in Czechoslovakia, at the Moldau River Valley. Moldavite gem stone is very rare. It is prized because of its clarity and unique deep color.

Moldavite’s powerful, metaphysical energy has been used for centuries. Moldavite was gifted as jewelry to royals during the Middle Ages. Today you can witness the remarkable energies of “the rock of transformation” yourself.

Moldavite energy is a natural stone that can be felt by even those who are not sensitive to its qualities. There are two common sensations: heat that emanates from the rock and pulsating or tingling energy.

Moldavite’s powerful energies can help you to break past patterns and limit your limitations.