The Top 5 Grill and Griddle Combos of 2023: A Comprehensive Review and Buying Guide

BBQs can happen during the day or over a Sunday afternoon. If you are planning to host a party, make sure you provide something to please everyone. In the past, grilling was mainly meat. Today, it is important to have a variety of dishes for everyone, especially vegetarians. It is all about adding some variation to your regular BBQ. Read more now on

Traditional barbeque meals may conjure up images of fatty, juicy steaks along with quarter or half pounders. To accompany your BBQ you can offer healthier options and sides. It is important to keep in mind the diets of children, and also your own family, when you cook on the BBQ. If you want to make sure that your children are eating healthy, then it is best to avoid serving them a lot red meat.

For barbeques, the most common foods are ribs. They’re also popular for burgers. Sausages. Stick kebabs. Plus, there’s always some wrapped jacket potatoes. This is where we need to warn you about cooking the food. Especially chicken can be dangerous. Barbeques can be a fun event, but food tends to get left outside. You can avoid nasty stomach upsets by cooking large pieces of chicken in advance and then finishing them off on the barbeque. By doing this, you’ll be able not only to taste the delicious barbeque flavor but also to ensure that all of the meats are cooked right through to their bones.

The chipolata and hamburgers will satisfy kids who love spicy food. For those who do not wish to expose their children to sun-baked meat, they can opt for spicy bean or tofu sausages. This can be done alongside the meats, and vegetarians won’t mind. To help those following a healthy diet, use stick kebabs containing large portions of vegetables.

Consider what you might serve as an alternative. Even though you’re holding a grill party, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only cooking on the BBQ. Serving salads on the side, dips, and sauces are all great accompaniments for meats. This is not just plain bread. There are many other types that you can serve. Serving “pan con Tomate”, an old Spanish favorite, is the perfect way to wow your guests. This dish is comprised of toasted farm bread with fresh tomato pulp and olive and fresh-ground garlic.

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